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It is an established fact that the task of ensuring software quality starts from the beginning of the software development and doesn’t rest entirely on the shoulders of only one role but on every team member. Also, the absence of bugs doesn’t necessarily translate to software quality.

Implementing quality practices and processes before, during and after development is the first step in the right direction. Listed below are some techniques that you should consider in ensuring the quality of your application:

Session-based Exploratory testing

Session-based exploratory testing (SBET) involves having time-boxed uninterrupted sessions where testers perform exploratory testing on an…

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Pair testing in software development involves two individuals testing a software application at the same time using a single workstation/keyboard. These two individuals can be a combination of a;

  • Tester and Tester,
  • Tester and Developer,
  • Tester and User or a
  • Tester and any other member of the team

During testing, only one person executes the tests while the other person asks questions, directs the testing efforts, takes notes /makes observations or provides feedback. Pair testing is a software testing technique that has received much attention in recent times as it is a quick way to get different perspectives during testing.

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It’s that time of the year when organisations and teams are planning for the next business year. While some organisations may be downsizing, many more are looking to expand to new markets, roll out new products or simply looking to increase their throughput. This implies that there would be quite a lot of hiring for many roles during this period.

In spite of the pandemic, the world and society are becoming even more intertwined with tech and so, there is a great demand for IT/Tech skills where Software QA plays a strategic position in.

Many may argue that a good…

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No doubt, running multiple environments for apps provides immense benefits and helps dev teams to be a lot more productive and efficient. Some of the popular benefits are that it empowers parallel development efforts and protects company profits and revenue by ensuring reliable and dependable software with minimal downtime.

That said, teams often run a combination of some or all of these environments for their apps;

  • Development environment
  • Test environment
  • Staging
  • Production

Until recently, our team used to run Dev > Staging > Prod. …

There are times when Quality Analysts feel like they are not valued enough or that their efforts are not visible. This may be influenced by wrong feedback or perceptions other team members have of the role or what they do. Some team members think because there is no tangible output produced for the user by the QA, they may not be so relevant. While some other stakeholders may perceive them as bottlenecks.

Whatever the case may be, we know that the QA role is a very unique and important one to software development and might only take some time and…

Generally, professional certifications are designations earned by a person to demonstrate a standard level of skill, experience and expertise within a certain field. Beyond this, people write certification exams for various reasons. Some hope that it boosts their chances of getting hired because they believe having a certification is an advantage compared to those who do not have one. While others hope that it gets them the promotions they have long desired to have.

For many professions and fields, these hopes and aspirations are valid and are usually the outcome after successfully earning a certification. But in software testing, it…

Interviews are a great avenue to connect job seekers to employers. Whatever the form a job interview takes; panel, online, or phone interview; its an opportunity for the employer to select a suitable candidate for a job role from a pool of shortlisted candidates. During which each candidate attempts to pitch or showcase himself as that suitable candidate.

This year, I have been opportune to sit at both sides of the table a couple of times; that is, both as the job-seeker and the recruiter. It has been eye-opening as I have been able to see things from these two…

Earlier this month, my team launched version 1.0 of our customer-facing app after about eight months of active development. The app is designed to help customers remotely control and monitor their alternative energy sources on their mobile devices. The app was developed for both Android and iOS users using Flutter.

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My team comprises of Backend developers, Platform engineers, Flutter developers, a Product owner and myself as the QA engineer. Due to the purpose for which the app was being built, I had to go beyond testing the mobile application functionality. …

One of the common activities carried out during software development/maintenance is raising bug tickets for developers to fix whenever there is a deviation from the expected output or behaviour of a functionality. A root cause analysis is conducted to identify the reason for the anomaly and proffer the most optimal and effective solution to fix the bug.

Easy peasy, right? Unfortunately, verifying fixes is much more than that and sometimes we make the assumption of thinking it’s not. Here are five mistakes that should be avoided when verifying a bug fix.

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Diving straight into verification without doing some ‘homework’.

There are occasions where bugs are raised by another…

In the past couple of weeks, a number of people from non-IT careers have approached me to provide guidance and advice on how to seamlessly transition into a career in Software QA. Most times, their first question is usually around what automation tool or programming language they should learn to land their first job in a QA role.

On one hand, picking up an automation tool or programming language is a great step, but I doubt it should be the first especially when transitioning from a non-IT background.

Baby Steps: Back to the basics

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  • Online Resources: Irrespective of the reason for your decision, the first step…

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